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Tongue is the index of health

As Face is the index of mind – like wise OUR TONGUE IS THE INDEX OF OUR HEALTH

Every day Ayurveda habits help us to keep healthy.
Why Acharya in Ayurvedic Classics while explaining Dinacharya (Daily Regimen) has mentioned about JIVHA NIRLEKHANA?
In Ayurveda, tongue is said to be a mirror of health. While we examine a tongue we look for the color and clearness of the tongue , for example if your tongue is Clear/ uncoated and pink it says you have good health and if your tongue is having white coating , it indicates certain types of disorders like aama ( undigested toxins ) , Agnimandya ( Indigestion ). Hence Ayurveda suggests daily habit of tongue cleaning (Jivha Nirlekhana) , not brushing . Brushing stimulates taste buds, but does not clean them. Small particles of food lie trapped in crevices between tongue buds, like dirt at the bottom of the carpet between thick loops of wool, creating toxins, lack of taste, bad taste and bad odour.
Ayurveda tells us to scrape out tongue and then rinse mouth again, Scrapping should not be too hard or too light, proper scrapping of tongue will help eliminate undigested food particles from the tongue, enhances the sense of taste, promotes overall oral and digestive health , also it gently stimulates the internal organs and increases awareness of state of health.
To know more about techniques and materials used for tongue scrapping and its health benefits and to get examine tongue, visit our hospital – consult our health experts to know your overall oral health and digestive health.
Dr.Shruti Arun

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