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Post deepawali body detox

Deepawali , popularly known as the festival of lights, is surely one of the colorful and sweetest festivals in the country. But the festival, which involves fireworks and plenty of sweets, is also infamous for being the time when people cheat on their health aspects.

We already know that bursting firecrackers not only increases air pollution levels, but also put you at risk of several health problems with the most prominent ones being respiratory problems like asthma, COPD, allergic rhinitis etc.
Firecrackers can have severe effects in people with heart disease, respiratory or nervous system disorders. It can also aggravate problem for people suffering from common cold and coughs as well as cause congestion of throat and chest.
Firecracker not only worsens to those who are already suffering with some disease but it also affect the healthy individual to get accumulate more toxins into their body.
As it contains chemicals and substances – such as cadmium, lead, chromium, aluminium, magnesium, nitrates, carbon monoxide, copper, potassium, sodium, zinc oxide, manganese dioxide – which can accumulate and eventually damage your health if inhaled, ingested or enter the body. Moreover, these toxic fumes and gases can stay in the atmosphere for quite some time, so one can succumb to respiratory issues even during the days after Diwali.
And the noise pollution made out of firecrackers been linked to restlessness, temporary or permanent hearing loss, high blood pressure, sleep disturbance, and even poor cognitive development in kids. While noise at 85 decibels above can damage hearing, fireworks can be loud and can exceed 140 decibels.
On the other end attractive sweets ,chocolates and foods packed with lots of calories makes everyone to have mindlessly which results in lot more weight gain and higher risks of diabetes and PCOD.
So, post deepawali body detox is must for all to get ride of risks of health issues.
Ayurveda has such wonderful body cleaning therapies (panchakarma) which helps to take out the toxic chemicals out of body to its maximum caused by fire crackers.
Also it to cleanse respiratory tract and reduces the risks of respiratory problems.
Taking some of the panchakarma therapies makes your excess fat free.

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