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Mr. Bobby John (Chairman)

After completing his pre university from the famous Deva matha college, Kuravalangad, which is a famous pilgrim place, he went to Chennai for doing aeronautical engineering. He is a man of full high thinking and ideas. After the completion of his course with distinction he joined in Hindustan aeronautical private limited in Bangalore.

Bobby john was a man, who is very much interest in sports. He is a regular Badminton& cricket Player and plays so many tournaments. He had a sports injury during this period, and had a ligament tear of meniscus on his left knee and it was disturbing his professional and personal life. Since on those days modern science was not advanced like today and had less facilities the Ortho surgeon advised him to undergo surgery and told that, if it is not a successful operation then he might go for an amputation later. So, he and his parents refused to do the surgery and was in a dilemma what to do next. At that time one of his cousin, Dr.Lissamma, who is an Ayurvedic doctor, advised him to try for Ayurveda, which she had confident that he will get a cure.

At first, they did not believe her words. But after a long discussion they decided to try Ayurvedic treatments. It was quite a miracle, in the course of one month therapy he started to find the improvement.He was able to walk, move, and play as he was doing before the injury. Once recovered till date he dint had any complaints due to that injury.

From that moment onwards he is fascinated towards the magical touch of Ayurveda .He decided to help the suffering peoples who are struggling without cure with other system of medicine.

He believes that Ayurveda follows the same principles which was told 5000 years back and never a changing science where it has to change its approach often. He was keen in knowing Ayurveda from the basics and understood the basic principles of Ayurveda, and decided to serve the people and spread this knowledge to the mankind. His philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard towards that goal, we never lose,somehow-we win it. He made a team with other directors and his main vision became one team one mission—which have integrity, honesty, team spirit, compassion and passion.

Coming under the inspiring influence he decided to open an Ayurvedic hospital by doing Authentic and ethical Ayurveda for the poor and needy. He quit from HAL and started a hospital named KooplicatAyurveda Hospital in his home in 2001. Due to his keen interest in Ayurveda, he extended his Ideas to start Ayurveda in resorts for giving better treatments for the foreign peoples. He travelled all over kerala for knowing and giving better Ayurveda for the needy. He then associated with resorts in kumarakam offering traditional and authentic practice to overseas health seekers.Besides, these he travelled so many countries like U.A.E, Singapore, Kuwait, and Srilanka, to understand and learn their traditional practice and tried to collaborate with our own Ayurveda.

In 2006 he started an Ayurvedic clinic in Jumeirrah, Dubai and give them technical support for the expansion of Ayurveda in gulf countries. With the mission of spreading Ayurveda to the whole world he then formed a Pvt ltd companywith a group of NRI investors and started one of its kind Ayurveda Multi-speciality hospital in Bangalore in 2010 which is the most developed metro politic city in India in the name of Healing Earth Multi-specialty Ayurveda hospital.

Healing Earth Multi-specialty Ayurveda hospital is the flagship establishment of Mr Bobby John Located at HSR Layout,Bangalore.Healing Earth Just started with four treatment rooms in 2010, the hospital has now grown into a state-of-the-art infrastructure with 30 beds with all the specialisations of Ayurveda.

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