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PRITHVI HEALTH CARE FOUNDATION is a registered Charitable Trust founded in the year 2013 on December 1st    in Bangalore, Karnataka   by the Founder Promoter and chairman of Prithvi Health care Pvt ltd company Mr Bobby john along with two trustees Dr Farida Khan (technical Director, prithvi health care Pvt ltd  to serve the humanity by reducing their health issues which are making the people more disabled.



BOBBY JOHN Bobby john’s versatility and achievements were in a way unique, Bobby John who is born in March 1975, in kaduthuruthy, a beautiful village in kottayam district, which is a land of literacy.

After completing his pre university from the famous Deva matha college, Kuravalangad, which is a famous pilgrim place, he went to Chennai for doing aeronautical engineering. He is a man of full high thinking and ideas. After the completion of his course with distinction he joined in Hindustan aeronautical private limited in Bangalore.

But during these period his mind was full of greenery of herbs. Bobby john was a man, who is very much interest in sports. He is a regular Badminton Player and plays so many tournaments. Once, while he was playing a tournament, he met with an accident, and had a ligament tear of meniscus on his left knee and was admitted in a hospital. The Ortho surgeon advised him to undergo surgery and told that, if it is not a successful operation then he might go for an amputation. So, he and his parents refused to do the surgery and was in a dilemma what to do next. At that time one of his cousin, Dr.Lissamma, who is an ayurvedic doctor, advised him to try for ayurveda, which she had confident that he will get a cure. At first, they did not believe her words. But after a long discussion they decided to try ayurvedic treatments. It was quite a miracle, in the course of one month therapy he started to find the improvement, he was able to walk, move, play all those things which he was doing before the injury, now after 16 years he dint had any complaints regards his injury.

From that moment onwards he is fascinated towards the magical touch of ayurveda he decided to help the suffering peoples who are struggling without cure with other system of medicine.

Coming under the inspiring influence he decided to open an ayurvedic hospital by doing authentic and ethical ayurveda for the poor and needy. He quit from HAL and started a hospital named Kooplicat Ayurveda Hospital in 2001. Due to his keen interest in ayurveda, he extended his Ideas to do ayurveda in resorts for giving better treatments for the foreign peoples. He travelled all over kerala for knowing and giving better ayurveda for the needy. Besides, these he travelled so many countries like U.A.E, Singapore, Kuwait, Sreelanka, to understand and learn their traditional practice and tried to collaborate with our own ayurveda.

In 2006 he started an Ayurvedic clinic in Jumeirrah, Dubai with some Ayurvedic physicians and give them technical support for the wide –spreading of ayurveda in gulf countries. His achievements as starting a new well-furnished multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore, which is the most develop metro politic city in India 2 years back.

In 2010 he started a new company in the name of Prithvi health care pvt ltd with the brand name Healing Earth Multi-specialty Ayurveda hospital.

After starting an Ayurveda Hospital, he realised that the need of Ayurveda medical care is important to all category of people, where the under privilege category is not affordable to take the benefits of Ayurveda treatment and medicine.
He also realised that the environment the water and the air is spoiled because of harmful chemicals and pollution where people are not having the knowledge to prevent the diseases which are occurring because of occupational and environmental hazards.

In India Ayurveda has not been established in such a way that the poor people can get the benefits of this wonderful science and he wanted to help the people to get rid of their medical problems safely and without any harmful effects.
Thinking this he planned to start a charitable trust in the name of Prithvi health care foundation to serve the underprivileged section of the society.




Dr. Farida Khan is a well-known Ayurvedic practitioner practicing for past 14 years, having obtained the bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and surgery degree from SDM College of Ayurveda Hassan in 2001 and post-graduation from GAMC, Bangalore in the year 2004.

She started her practice in 2001 and gained immense popularity in a short period of time; she has experience in panchkarma and identified the healing power of Ayurveda by concentrating on research and development process.

She diagnose the disorders with the help of Nadi pareeksha(Pulse reading) and also by understanding the basic imbalance in the body, she believes that first Rogi(diseased) should be cured then the disease, she follow the traditional way of practicing by prescribing the natural organic  medication(without any preservatives) which is told in Ayurveda classics. Her expertise in Ayurveda gave relief & cure for many patients from all over the world  like India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, United States of America, and Canada who were suffering from different kind of diseases like Osteo-arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neurological disorders, Skin disorders, Obesity, Autism, Gynecological disorders and many more.

Her depth and experience in clinical, Academics and research helped Ayurveda to enhance with new scientific invention and hence developing with pace and credibility to invent new scientific ailments for various undetectable disease that are unknown to mankind.

Her commitment and dedication towards Ayurveda have transformed in to great success in delivering quality and result orientated ailment to people on a very large scale.

In the Year 2010, she joined prithvi health care Pvt ltd, Bangalore as a Chief medical Officer, with her expertise Knowledge and dedication and Healing power and perfect diagnosis made her to take the position of Technical Director in Healing Earth Group.

As a trustee in Prithvi Heath care foundation she is responsible to take care of all the activates which are performed for serving the humanity.


Mr.Wesley is a Businessman and holds a Bachelor Degree. He has over 15 years of experience as a Community Welfare administrator. He has meticulously planned and successfully implemented various innovative social and health care projects all over India.



  • A society where all the health seeker should experience the traditional and natural healing benefits of Ayurveda.
  • Substantial Medical and social development for under privileged
  • To create tangible and measurable impact on the livelihood of underprivileged sections by intervention in medical, Educational, skill development and Agriculture sector
  • To provide adequate Ayurveda Healthcare needs
  • To spread Preventative Awareness on Best Healthcare Practices amongst not just the underprivileged but also the General Public in order to lead a Healthy Lifestyle.
  • To promote active volunteering to bridge the gap between our societies


Ayurvedic pre-natal camp for pregnant women
Year - October 2018

Details of the camp

Prithvi Health care Foundation had conducted a Pre natal welfare programme in Attihalli on 8th of October.Almost 50 pregnant ladies who belonged to underprivileged category had attended the camp where we did a detailed examination of each and every patient and the necessary medicines were supplied free of cost.

We understand that Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in the life of a woman. She has to be given utmost care during the entire period of her gestation so that she maintains optimum health, along with healthy development of the baby culminating in a normal vaginal delivery at term.

We were having a technical team who is experienced and expertise in handling the complication which may arise during the prenatal period which can cause threat to the health of mother as well as the baby. We had explored the immense possibilities that Ayurvedic antenatal care offers.

We have a complete package to take care of the mother and the baby during the entire pregnancy period which was provided to the participants at free of cost. Ayurveda the ancient science of wisdom has said that a pregnant lady should be cared for in a way one takes care while carrying a pot filled with oil so that not even a single drop spills. Our team made great effort to do that so that there should not be any complications during the entire prenatal period to the participants.

In Ayurveda month wise development of the foetus, along with the changes in mother that happens in each stage and the dietary regimens for each month are elaborated very precisely. We had provided with them a diet chart which included the stuffs which are readily available and cheap at the same time rich in all the essential nutrients. We had handed over the verities of recipes also where they can prepare delicious items with the recommended grains, millets and vegetables. The physical and mental well-being of mother is of prime importance for the healthy development of a baby. So we had offered yoga classes and meditation classes to the participants.

Aim of Ayurvedic antenatal care
  • Prevention of maternal medical illnesses
  • Ensuring proper and healthy development of the baby
  • Prevention of preterm labour
  • More chance of having a normal vaginal delivery
Year - September 2018

Details of the camp

A free Medical Health Check-up camp was organised by PRITHVI HEALTH CARE Foundation for the people in Begur (Bangalore Rural) on September 2018

The objective of the camp was to provide information regarding common diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disorders, stroke etc. Free medicines have been provided to subjects who were diagnosed with HTN and or DM and advised them to follow up with their local doctors or Public Health Centres.

Around 25%of the patients who attended the camp was diagnosed with HTN or DM. The most interesting fact was that majority of them were unknown about their condition. Some of them told that they were getting some symptoms, but neglected it as they thought that was not to be considered as a major one.

We came to know that some of the patients, who was already diabetic or Hypertensive were not taking regular medicines as they were least aware of its complications.

The main highlight of this camp was the awareness talks given by our Medical experts, the different topics of these talks were ‘prevention of various hazardous diseases; one of the main ones discussed though was Diabetes free life. The people were made aware of the causative factors for diabetes, how to control and manage it in a healthy way, and healthy diet plan. The other topics included general health and hygiene.

A course of free medicines were distributed to the ones who was diagnosed with HTN and DM. A free booklet was also given to the health seekers who attended the camp with the content “How to lead a healthy life”.


Year - May 2018
Place - Whitefield


Education is one of the most important thing in one’s life. The urge of learning should always be appreciated. Education has many benefits and has positive impact in our life. An educated person is an asset for any country. In today’s world, human capital is considered the best national resource. On one hand, he can explore better opportunities for himself, and on the other hand, the entire nation would get benefited from his works.

Education produces citizens who are men of intellectual and moral integrity, who are neither fanatical nor cynical, but are public-spirited, tolerant and wise. Education aims at producing ideal human-beings. Education also produce well-cultured and wise men. It is often said that the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. If children of today study hard to become good students, then they will surely become good citizens in future.

On the day of Ganarajotsava our foundation has decided to create a social awareness to the public regarding child’s education and its importance. Some of the political party members, social workers, leaders etc. has been invited for this function. The programme started with an inaugural function and awareness talks were given by the guests. As a part of this programme, a set of free books were distributed by our Foundation for 100 school going children.The programme attained a crowd of around 200 people in and around the area of white field.Even our Foundation members took part in this function to make this event a great success.

Free Health Camp
Year - March 2018
Place - Chikkabanavara, Bangalore


A free Medical Health Check-up camp was organised by PRITHVI HEALTH CARE Foundation for the people in Chikkabanavara on 7th March 2018

The main objective of this particular camp, and indeed of all the medical camps organized by our foundation, was to bring affordable/free healthcare and free health information to the community and identify the common healthy problems of the community in order to devise ways of addressing them. Specifically, the medical camp sought to provide free health services to the community; provide both preventive and curative treatment for common conditions in the community; refer those who require specialized treatment to the relevant centres.

Create awareness regarding the commonly affected diseases like diabetes, HTN, Dengue/cikungunya and other ailments as well as to create awareness on the need for personal hygiene in prevention of serious disabling diseases, which are prevalent in the area due to dust and lack of adequate water.

The free medical camp also aimed at encouraging use of available nutritious food products in the area; and discouraging drug/substance abuse among the community members.

Overall the camp attained a good attention and support from the public as there were around 100 people who attended the camp which led to the success.

Free Swarnaprashana for School going kids
Year - January 2018
Place - Doddaballapura


In the world of medicines with harmful side effects, genetically modified food, chemically treated drinks, busy lifestyle, electronic distractions and unpredictable environment, it is a big challenge for parents to build a stronger & intelligent kids. SwarnaPrashana is a natural, time tested, practiced for more than 1000s of years by our ancestors that builds overall health and intelligence naturally without leaving any harmful side effects.

Our vision was to create an awareness about Ayurvedic immunization and thereby providing swanabindhu drops to the children to a particular area. For that we have chosen Doddaballapura. Around 120 children have come to the camp to take swanaprasana. Most of the children who came to the camp found to be anaemic and some of them were malnourished. As per the parents, most of the children hesitate to take foods at proper time because of loss of appetite which results in malnourishments.

Free consultations were done in order to rule out the healthy status of children. Height and weight of every children were also checked during the camp. The camp created a new cognizance to the people about Ayurvedic immunization and its benefits to children.

Free Medical screening camp for ANO RECTAL Disorders
Year - December 2017
Place - Arishinakunte, Nalamangala.

Details of the camp

Ano rectal disorders have become a major suffering to the people now a days.

Studies has shown that almost 90% of the total population will suffer from one or the other ano rectal diseases once in their life. Most of the time people will ignore the early symptoms of these diseases which may turn into a major complication later.

As per the reports of the survey we did, showed an alarming point that around 60-70% peoples who lives in village areas are not really concerned about this particular category of diseases as they are not aware of its complications.

Most common ano rectal disorders which seen are:

  • Acute or chronic fissure in ano
  • Internal or external Haemorrhoids
  • Fistula in ano
  • Pilonidal sinus

In continuation to effort for the needy and deserving section of society, a free awareness and Medical Screening camp was organised for those who suffers with Ano rectal disorders in Arishnakunte, NalamangalaTq.

As a part of this, our foundation has organized a camp in this area and around 12 members of our Medical team including Doctors, nurses, assistants and other staffs has arrived at Arishinakunte by 9.30 am on the same day of camp.

According to our Medical team, this camp were very essential to the people in this area as it has helped them to find out clear solutions for their sufferings. Overall the camp attained a good response from the public and was really a great success.

Free Eye check-up camp conducted for kids and adults
Year - 8th October 2017
Place - Healing Earth Ayurveda Hospital,Bangalore

Details of the camp

A child goes blind somewhere in the world every Minute, yet much childhood blindness is treatable or preventable. By keeping in view regarding the current life style and excessive eye strain of children, made us to focus on kids especially the school going ones. Studies has shown that around 60-70% of the school going kids are suffering with one or the other eye disorder especially vision problem.

Now a days every child is exposed to electrical gadgets like computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles. Most of the time gazing to these objects will give excessive strain to the kid and thereby results the vision.

Even childhood illness and nutritional deficiencies plays a role of vision problems and other eye disorders in children.

  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Corneal scarring
  • Congenital and Traumatic Cataract
  • Congenital glaucoma and retinopathy of pre maturity(ROP)
  • Serious refractive errors

These are the common eye disorders which usually affect in childhood days. Nearly around 40 kids and 20 adults has attended the camp. Most of the kids who attended the camp was found with constant vision problems.

Around 8 adults who attended the camp was diagnosed with cataract and some with the early stages of cataract. Free Eye drops, medicines and even nutritional supplements for children has been provided during the camp.

Free Medical camp conducted for Hypertension on World Hypertension Day
Year - 17th May, 2017
Place - Ramanagara

Details of the camp

A free Medical camp for finding out patients with Hypertension was done.The main Aim of this camp was to find out the number of patient with hypertension and also to check out their awareness regarding this.

Our medical team was ready by 10 am for starting the camp at Ramanagara. We had a good support for this camp by the people. Around 60 peoples came to the camp. Most of the young people who came to the camp was found to have high blood pressure and half of them who were Hypertensive did know that they were having high BP levels.

An awareness talk was also given by our experts regarding Hypertension, and its complications. Free BP check-up was done for everyone who came to the camp along with that free consultation was also carried out.

Our foundation has also provided free Ayurvedic anti –Hypertensive drugs to the ones who found with high blood pressure and also distributed free pamphlets and brochures regarding Hypertension, its causes, symptoms and complications.

Medical camp conducted for Diabetic Gangrene
Year - 10th May 2017
Place - Tumkur

Details of the camp

A Diabetic camp was conducted for diabetic patients especially to those suffers with Diabetic foot and gangrene. We came to know that there are many people in and around this area who suffers from diabetics and are not aware of its complications and managements. As a part of this our team visited this place was noticed that many underprivileged people are suffering from diabetic gangrene where they are unaware of its maintenance and proper medical care.

As a result, our Foundation has decided to put up a camp in Tumkur area which we thought that would be a great help for the people who suffers with diabetic foot and gangrene. This Mission was taken by our 12 membered Medical team which includes Doctors, Nurses, and Assistant’s.

The camp started by 10.30 am which included a free diabetic check-up, free consultation, free medicine distribution, and free dressings for the required ones. Around 120 people attended the camp. Our team extended their services up to 6.30pm. Overall the camp was really beneficial and attained good response from the people.

Prithvi health care foundation has provided free treatment for gangrene and did proper care and cleaning of the wounds and also distributed a course of Medications to the patients.

Health awareness camp conducted for common public
Year - 20th March 2017
Place - Sarjapur, Bangalore

Necessity of the Camp

Our vision was to create awareness of Ayurveda towards the public. As a part of that our team members have did a survey regarding the same in selected places of Bangalore. A Door to door approach was carried out by our team members in order to collect information regarding the public heath, their activities, habits, concern about their diseases and their views and thoughts about Ayurveda.

As per the studies did, we came to a conclusion that this particular area is apt for the camp, as a least number of peoples are knowing the importance of Ayurveda. That is how we have decided to create an awareness among the people regarding their common health issues and how to overcome it through Ayurveda.

Details of the camp

The camp was conducted to create an awareness to the public about the foundation, where free medical check-up was done for around 100 people in and around Sarjapur, Bangalore. The programme started around 10 am with a small inaugural function followed by an introduction speech by our technical chief. Later a speech was delivered by our senior medical officer regarding Healthy life through Ayurveda.

Around 10 staffs including 4 Doctors, 2 Nurses, 2 Receptionist and other managing staffs has extended their service on the particular day as a part of our programme. Free health check-up was conducted for the public and also free medicines were distributed.

An Awareness on Chikungunya was conducted in a village and educational talk by eminent Ayurveda scholars
Year - March 2017
Place - Anekal

Details of the camp

As per the studies, Karnataka has recorded 9,427 reported cases of the disease in 2016. Of these, a little under 10% have been confirmed as tested positive.

Chikungunya is an emerging, epidemic-prone, vector-borne disease. Socioeconomic factors and inadequacies in public health that facilitated the spread of this infection in the past continue to exist. Environmental factors and community behaviours play a significant role in the outbreak and spread of chikungunya. Heavy rains followed by stagnation of rain water in flower pots, broken and abandoned pots and utensils in and around the houses, abandoned vehicular tyres in the vicinity of human dwellings or workplaces or in any other container that allows accumulation and stagnation of water promote the breeding of mosquitoes of the Aedes family.

Villagers are more prone to get affected with this disease as they are not aware of its causes and complications. As a part, a free chikungunya awareness camp was held at Anekal by our Foundation. Awareness speech regarding chikungunya, its complications, symptoms, way of prevention and management etc. were given by eminent Ayurvedic scholars. Free medicated oils to get rid of mosquito bites, brochures and pamphlets regarding chikungunya and its complications etc. were freely distributed to the public who attended the camp.

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