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Geriatric Care is a pioneering attempt in Healing earth to address the problems unique to the older adults, be it physical, psychological, or social, associated with aging. It is as a one-stop Hospital for comprehensive care for individuals above the age of 50 in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Health issues facing by the elderly can be very complex and puzzling. The elderly often suffer from more than one medical problem and have conditions that can be obscured by unusual symptoms.

Our experienced geriatric team will assess your medical conditions, cognitive status, functional ability and mental health needs to determine the right care for you. The core treatment facilities available at the centre includes care towards Orthopaedic care, vision care, memory loss, depression, psychological revitalization, fatigue, unsteadiness or weakness, diet counselling and medicine management, yoga and meditation.

A highly trained multi-disciplinary team at Healing Earth treats and also monitors its implementation - ensuring that the health and social care services are aligned to achieve the best outcomes. The team also coordinates with all the relevant medical caregivers, making the treatment convenient and safe.

The more concentration is given for Alzheimer disease, Dementia, Depression and all psychological conditions where most of the elderly people suffer.

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