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Mr. Rajesh Thankappan Shannkar Nair (Director)

His attitude and ways towards looking at life changed after he married. Being a guy who was alien to Ayurvedic treatment till then started understanding and seeing the effects and the goodness of it as his wife who is an Ayurvedic Doctor and has successfully time and again treated various cases which were deemed untreatable in Allopathy medicine.He got deeply influenced by Ayurveda as he is surrounded by 2 Ayurveda doctors his Wife and his Mother in law. He has been seeing their dedication and unselfish attitude with the aim to reduce the pains of human kind. He got influenced with the way disease is treated in Ayurveda as compared with Allopathy treatments especially as it uses natural things as compared to the chemicals used in the modern science medicines. This led to his trying to gain more insight about the Ayurvedic treatments and its methods. On seeing many cases which called out for amputation of legs/ hands etc by allopathy treatments being cured totally by Ayurveda, his love and belief in the Ayurveda increased 5 fold and he decided to dedicate and be a part of a group which is dedicated towards the betterment and total improvement of mankind. Being a Chemical Engineer by Profession he is well versed with the Chemicals and its effects it has on human beings in short term as well as in long term during his walk of life made it more easier for him to choose and understand that Ayurveda is 100% natural and has no negative effects and is totally safe and curable if done properly.
Ayurveda has its roots which dates back more than 5000 years in history and He salutes the masters whose effort in that period has made it possible to find solution to all problems in a natural way using nature. He believes in carrying forward the flag of Ayurveda and conducting more research and related activities in order to fine tune the existing system and creating and establishing a cost effective and high result oriented medicine and treatment. Prithvi Healthcare Pvt Limited being a company dedicated toward giving better treatment to mankind using natural resources by carrying out Ayurvedic treatments it was an opportunity for me to be a part of the group which would help me to fulfil the goals I have in mind

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