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Computer Vision Syndrome

 With the advent of time inevitable changes in food habits, life styles, occupational challenges and environment has lead to the manifestation of new disorders. Computer Vision Syndrome is one among such disorders occurring mainly in computer professionals. Whether it is to work or play, each person is sitting in front of the computer for nearly 24 hours in a day which is highly a vision demanding task.


Computer Vision Syndrome is the nomenclature imparted to the disturbances arising due to the excessive and improper usage of computers in day today life. Computer work requires a lot of effort from eye muscles. Working on a computer is more challenging to your eyes than reading a book or piece of paper, because a computer screen also adds the elements of screen contrast, flicker, and glare. Computer eye problems are more likely to occur if you already have an eye problem like myopia or astigmatism or if you need glasses but don’t wear.


Various symptoms of computer vision syndrome includes eye strain, watering from eyes, redness, burning sensation and itching of eyes, difficulty to focus.


Ayurveda, a systematic health science opens door to new undescribed problems on the grounds of fundamental theory. Based on this theory, it can be considered as a disease which has its impact on both eye as well as the entire body. Taking the symptoms into consideration, it is very much similar to Shuskakshipaka. The treatments can be adopted based on this disease.Also Ayurveda has incoperated cooling and rejuvenating therapies for eyes affected by bright light, high voltage electric spark, and heat exposure. This phenomenon is close to the aetiology of CVS. Hence local therapies like Seka, Tarpana,etc can be adopted. Systemic nourishment is also to be given for the cure of computer vision syndrome.

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