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Diabetic Retinopathy

 It is one of the common complications of diabetes. It is an ocular microangiopathy. The Vascular alterations secondary to long standing diabetic retinopathy, can progress to retinal capillary non-perfusion.


During the early stage of the disease, the small blood vessels in the retina become weaker and develop small bulges called microaneurysms.

They may burst and cause tiny blood spots (hemorrhages) on the retina. But they do not usually cause symptoms or affect vision.

As retinopathy progresses, fluid and protein leak from the damaged blood vessels happens and causes the retina to swell.

This may cause mild to severe vision loss, depending on which parts of the retina are affected. If the center of the retina (macula) is affected, vision loss can be severe.


When a diabetic patient indulges in excessive sweet, heavy, spicey, sour, cold foods and regimen like day sleeping, lifting heavy weight, sedentary working habits will lead to diabetic retinopathy. Initially there will be perfusion of channels of head which will later lead to perfusion of channels of eyes. Initialy there won’t be visual disturbances but if the patient still continues with the same diet and regimen there will be continuous damage happening inside which will be completely without symptoms until he looses his vision.


Initialy detoxification of the body is preferred so as to clear the channels and stop the perfusion. Along with this steps should be taken to control the level of diabetes. After this, appropriate treatments for arresting the congestion or heamorrhage in retinal blood vessels and for the degeneration of the retinal nerves has to be done. Systemic treatments based on the need should be given as diabetic retinopathy is the occular manifestation of systemic disease. By doing the treatments in the systematic way, we can control diabetic retinopathy to a greater extend and cause great improvement in the vision.

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