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Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is stiffness and pain of the shoulder joint where there is limited movement of the shoulder. This makes the daily work impossible and causes frustration due to the constant pain. Pain will be worse at night and thus disturbs the sleep. It is usually seen after 40 years.


It is a disorder of the shoulder capsule where connective tissue surrounding the shoulder joint stiffens and scar tissue forms due to lack of synovial fluid. The person observes very severe pain during movement and it worsens at night and will be constant.


After any surgery or injury, there will be no much usage of the joint thus causing stiffness. In women after the menopause due to hormonal changes. In chronic conditions like Diabetes,arthritis etc .


Due to the inflammation and lack of synovial fluid which is the lubricating media between the ball and socket joint, the shoulder capsule thickens, swells and tightens due to the scar tissue that has formed inside the capsule thus making the movement stiff and painful. According to ayurveda, apabahuka occurs due to vitiation of vata dosha and gets localized in the shoulder region and does the sankocha of siras thus causing severe painful stiffness and restricted mobility of shoulder joint.


The root cause has to be treated rather than treating the symptoms. Reducing the stiffness and pain by lubricating the joints by using specific internal medicines and specialized therapies and later with exercises and diet maintenance is achieved. Healing Earth Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital is expertise in identifying the root cause for the this particular illness of frozen should and choose appropriate treatments which are effective and fruitful.


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