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 Infertility is the inability to have a viable child even after one year of regular unprotected intercourse.It can be Primary infertility where a woman has never been pregnant or it can be Secondary infertility where one had previous pregnancies with or without a live child.


 In Ayurveda it is called Vandhyatwa. Ayurveda also consideres Infertility as-

1. Not getting pregnant in-spite of unprotected sex. 

2. Repeated miscarriages. 

3. Still-borns / babies dying immediately after delivery.


 As per Ayurveda, Infertility is considered as a result of impairment in four factors-

1. Beeja: if any abnormalities in sperm or ovum (inadequate sperm count,abnormal morphology,decreased motility, cysts in ovary,etc)

2. Kshetra: ifany congenital or acquired abnormalities in the reproductive organs(unicornuate/bicornuate uterus, undeveloped uterus, etc)

3. Ritu: if there is issue in menstrual cycles (PCOD, Premature ovarian failure, or ignorance of fertility period)

4. Ambu: if there is improper hormonal milieu and improper metabolism(variation in FSH,TSH, LH, AMH, etc. like hormones)


1. Ahara (food):Food nourishes the body and the four factors responsible for fertility.But the ignorance of the correct food timings, cooking methods, food combinations, improper dietary habits, unseasonal food, overeating one’s taste; like excess use of poultry chicken and other fast food and junk foods adversely affect the hormonal balance in the body affecting fertility.

2. Vihara(Lifestyle): Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, improper sleep timings and tremendous stress and strain due to personal and work related,  in the present day affects the mind and indirectly affects hormonal balance.


Ayurveda has a holistic approach which gives lots of importance to Pre-conception careto the mother and father prior to pregnancy. We at Healing Earth aim at curing the root cause rather than correcting the symptoms. The mind and body are considered while treatments are planned.Lifestyle correction, dietary advises are person to person according to their job and place and body. 

Selection of the medicines and Ayurveda Gynecological treatments (like Douche, Vasti, Uttaravasti, etc) are done by experts in the field. These are unique to each patient based on their body constitution and diseases.

Yoga experts advise on Yogasanas and exercises according to patient’s body condition.

A complete detoxification and rejuvenation is done to improve the quality of ovum and sperm, for a healthy and immunity richmother and baby. This not only removes complications during pregnancy, but post-delivery as well.


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