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Osteoarthritis /Sandhivatha

 Osteoarthritis is a degenerative arthritis or a degenerative joint disease. It is a common disease and millions of people are affected all over the world which makes daily activities difficult to carry out due to pain. If it worsens, people would not be able to work and finally surgery would be advised. The risk increases with age and women are more likely to develop the condition. Patient even goes to depression due to severe pain. Mostly commonly affected joints are knee joint and in allopath system, total knee replacement surgery is done as a last resort.


Osteoarthritis is a chronic disorder of joint cartilage and surrounding tissues where cartilages (cushions between the joints) breaks down causing a bone to rub against each other characterized by pain, stiffness and loss of function.


Age factor: Risk factors increases in old age.

Any injuries to joints.

Certain occupation which gives stress to joints.

Due to obesity, due to weight bearing.

Food: Dry, cold and stale food.


  • Pain in the affected areas.
  • Stiffness of the joints in the morning.
  • Difficulty in moving joints.
  • New growth of cartilage or bone.
  • Crepitus during movements.
  • Numbness and weakness.
  • Lack of flexibility and grating sensation of joints.


Joints are protected from wearing out since it has low friction level due to cartilages. Abnormality of the cells that synthesize components of cartilage such as collagen and proteoglycans makes the cartilage to be less resistant. Thus cartilage may swell because of water retention, becomes soft and develops cracks on surface, tiny cavities form in the bone beneath the cartilage and bones overgrow (osteophytes) that can be seen and felt. Therefore smooth, slippery surface of cartilage becomes rough and no longer moves smoothly causing wearing off causing dryness of synovial fluid.


Due to the causative factors, vata gets vitiated and affects the joints considering age factor and dries up the lubricating fluid causing severe pain and wearing out of joint causing sandhivata.


The importance of Ayurvedic line of treatment is being focused in present generation since the approach of therapeutic measures in Ayurveda satisfies individuals. The advantages are one can lead good quality of life without surgeries and without any surgical interventions, with the help of ayurvedic medicines and ayurvedic treatments. In Healing Earth Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital Stopping of further degeneration and giving strength and nourishment for the joints will be the main line of treatment. Thus giving lubrication and producing synovial fluids within normally by completing removing out the root cause.


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