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 Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease that affects the skin. It is typically a lifelong condition. It occurs when the immune system mistakes a normal skin cell for a pathogen and sends out faulty signals that cause overproduction of new skin cells. It is more likely to be found on the outer side of the joint. The disorder is a chronic recurring condition that varies in severity from minor localized patches to complete body coverage. Fingernails and toenails are frequently affected. It can be initiated by certain environmental triggers. A predisposition for psoriasis is inherited in genes. It is a non contagious skin condition that produces red papules that merge together into plagues of thickened scaling skin.

Normally the skin cells grow gradually and flake off about every four weeks. New skin cells grow to replace the out layers of the skin as they shed. But in psoriasis, new skin cells move rapidly to the surface of the skin in days rather than weeks, they build up and form thick patches called plagues. It usually occurs in adults. It sometimes runs in families. It prevents individuals from working at certain occupations, playing certain sports. Individuals feels self conscious about their appearance and have a poor self image. Psychological distress can lead to significant depression and social isolation. Psoriasis commonly affects the skin of the elbows, knees and scalp.


  • Irregular food habits.
  • Consumption of foodstuffs that are advised not to be eaten together.(dairy products with fish).
  • Excessive intake of yogurt.
  • Increased intake of salted and sour food etc.
  • Alcohol and tobacco consumption.


It can be mild with small areas of rash. When it is moderate or severe, the skin gets inflamed with raised red areas topped with loose, silvery, scaling skin. If psoriasis is severe, the skin becomes itchy and tender. In some patients, it causes joints to become swollen, tender and painful, this is called as psoriatic arthritis.


It is caused due to the imbalance in tridosha, (the three basic elements of the body.) It gets imbalanced due to faulty dietary habits and sedentary lifestyles. The imbalanced dosa manifests in skin and causes accumulation of ama or toxins. This accumulates in the body, tissues such as rasa (nutrient plasma), Rakta (blood), mamsa (fat), and the lymph (lasika), and contaminate them leading to psoriasis.

Healing Earth Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital aims at treating the root cause of the disease rather than treating the symptoms. We treat the rogi or the patient. The causative factors for the same disease might be different in different patients. Once the root cause is cleared or treated, naturally the symptoms also will get subsided.

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