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Over the years the number of people suffering from spondylitis has increased because of the shift in lifestyle. Scariest part is that, it is mostly affecting people younger than 45. People tend to overlook the warning signs until it turns into agony.

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Our spine is what hold us up and helps us remain active. Spondylitis causes severe pain, stiffness, numbness, radiating pain making life miserable for the sufferers. Most people don’t realise that the sedentary lifestyle, bad posture while working, occupational stress and nutritional deficiencies are straining these discs, weakening the back considerably.

Give Your Spine A Life, Not Relief

Most people try to treat the symptoms using heat or cold applications, physio therapy, cortisoneinjections, pain-relief creams, and surgical procedures. Since it does not address the root cause, the relief is temporary. Moreover, surgery is not an option for Spondylitis as it has the potential for complications and the damage to the spine would be devastating to live with.

Ayurveda - For a Life Aligned with Good Health

Chronic back and neck pain occur because of the imbalance between the three energies of the body -that of movements, digestion and immune system. The personalized treatment also looks to alleviate the inflammation, increase the lubrications to the bone and to maintain the normal curvature of the spine. 

Get prepared for the long run called life with Healing Earth Ayurveda!

Whether it is a back pain, or any other damage to the spine, Healing Earth Ayurveda has answer for you.Bydiscovering the cause and not just relieving the symptoms, we will stop the degenerative changes in the spinal bones. This will be done though detox therapies, herbal medications and lifestyle changes whichwill nourish the nerves and muscles to create sustainable health.

Reboot to an active life with the power of Healing Earth Ayurveda