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Yoga as a lifestyle

YOGA is a way of living, it is a science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating our body, mind and soul. It involves our thoughts, emotions, feelings and physical flexibility.

Applying Eight limbs of yoga principles to daily life means adopting healthy practices and attitudes, which leads to healthy mind and body, and it brings a healthy life.
In this modern life, the modern life style has brought us many challenges to health and has become major causes of many ailments. stress, improper dietary habits and sedentary living led to a decline in health.
Yoga has the potential to solve life style diseases. Various research studies shows the beneficial effects of yoga for prevention and management of disease. Not only asanas and pranayamas but also meditations, relaxation techniques and yoga nidra can cure life threatening and chronic diseases.
Asanas and pranayamas (Breathing exercise) do promote health in different ways compared to physical exercise, “placing the physical body in positions, Yoga cultivates awareness, relaxation and concentration. It also improves immunity and healthy life style.
One of the beauty of yoga is that the pose support and sustain you. No matter how old or young you are, fit or frail, you come to your mat.
Asanas and pranayamas are given therapeutically to cure the diseases such as back pain, diabetes, asthma, blood pressure & many other ailments. It has been proved that, yoga through its effects on the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system influences cellular and molecular aspects of health. It was observed that yoga practices brings stability of autonomic equilibrium along with strengthening the parasympathetic system. Yoga improves body flexibility and stress tolerance. Yoga helps to reduce the regular medications and further complications in patients with diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases and even in cancer.
A set of yogic postures combined with pranayamas, if practiced daily can promote you from all the lifestyle diseases.
Some of the practices which can include in your daily routine:
SURYANAMASKARA means not only a warming up exercise but also it strengthens almost all the muscles & helps to lose out your excess pounds.
BHUJANGASANA strengthen back muscles and helps to correct the bad posture due long desk jobs.
PAWANAMUKTASANA beneficial for gastric issues and back problems.
SARVANGASANA reverses the blood flow to the body, also beneficial for hormonal balance.
GOMUKHASANA prevents cervical pain which is becoming extremely common.
Regular YOGA practice brings Healthy Life.
All the yoga practices should be done under the supervision of experienced yoga trainers.
In case of any Medical conditions, practice yoga as per the advice of your physician.

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