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Movement is an important characteristic of all living organisms, According To WHO 50% of Indian population are above the age group of 50 years and one out of 10 suffer from paralysis, the incidence of stroke is alarming, it occurs mostly as a complication of Diabetes mellitus, hypertension.

Stroke is the term used to describe a sudden loss of function in a portion of the brain. Typically, that loss of function results in difficulty in moving an arm or leg (paralysis). There may be loss of feeling or peculiar sensations in the same areas.

A stroke may also appear with problems relating to speech or vision, or as a convulsion. The loss of brain function is due to a sudden reduction of the blood supply to the brain. The reduced blood supply may be due to clogging of the blood vessel by thickening and hardening of the vessel wall (atherosclerosis) or rupture of the blood vessel with bleeding (haemorrhage). Once started, a stroke can continue to damage the brain either by clotting around an obstruction or by further haemorrhage.

Studies have demonstrated that 10% men and 15% women aged above 45 years are mainly suffers from stroke and it causes 10 to 20% of death, among the survivor approximately half will recover completely, the remaining half will be left with persistent major disability.

Stroke is found to be the third most frequent cause of the unnatural death next to ischemic heart disease and cancer.

The stroke patients not only suffer a bodily illness but also go through a severe mental depression on account of inability to attend daily activities like personal hygiene and maintenance of his own cleanliness.

Such persons irrespective of religion, age, sex or socioeconomic status, faces very miserable and dependent life.

In spite of advance of modern medicine it is surprised to note that there is no standard medical treatment for stroke so far, there is no drug which improves sense of MENTAL FUNCTIONS PARTICULARLY HIGHER CORTICAL FUNCTIONS SUCH AS LEARNING ABILITY, MEMORY, ABILITY TO think, no medicine to improve the muscle strength.

Here comes the importance of time tested and proven traditional science which can give a new life, new hope and new beginning to lead a normal life.

Ayurveda is gaining a global popularity for the effective majority of treatment in pakshaghata (paralysis) because almost all the patients suffering from stroke becomes the victim of physical disability, therefore patients are preferring to go to Ayurveda treatment which is well known for traditional excellence in treating the condition with high percentage of results.


Healing earth Multi-speciality Ayurveda hospital is a superlative Ayurveda hospital in India where we have a separate department for paralysis patient with well qualified and experience Ayurvedic doctors which helps in treating the patients for their post paralytic symptoms which have made them immobilised

  • We concentrate on recovery of damaged brain cells
  • Regaining muscle function
  • Recovery of mental ability
  • Managing the abnormal sensation

Recovery from stroke involves making changes in the physical, social and, emotional aspects of your life. It is normal to feel angry, anxious or depressed after a stroke. You may feel worried about work, money and relationships, and the tiredness caused by stroke can make things worse.

We make you getting back to normal life and living as independent a life as possible we will make changes to prevent additional strokes as well as to facilitate your life-long recovery.

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