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Keep arthritis away with best of ayurveda

Today, the World Health Organization has welcomed Ayurveda with open hands as authentic system of medicine that helps in treating almost all types of diseases, especially Arthritis

Ayurvedic Arthritis treatment is gaining popularity all over the world because it is scientifically proving the possibilities in treating Auto-immune disorders and degenerative disorders in very simple way.
Arthritis is a disease that involves damages to joints of the body. There are around 1000 types of arthritis in which the most common form of arthritis are Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo- arthritis and gout
According to Ayurveda the basic root cause for Arthritis are
Food irregularities
According to Ayurveda food is seen not merely as a mixture of the basic ingredients like Proteins, Vitamins, Fat and carbohydrates, but it aims to avoid those food articles which are having opposite attributes to be used at some time, which are called as Virudha Ahara.
Irregularities in the physical activities
Lack of exercise reduces the circulation of blood to the joints.
Restless Mind, an unsatisfied sense, under nourished emotions, stressful relations, false ego and misuse of intelligence.
External cause
Local degeneration of the cartilages due to ageing, excessive strain on the joint, or any kind of injury to the joint
Healing Earth Multi-specialty Ayurveda Hospital specialized in treating Arthritis by understanding the basic root cause and the causative factors by our expert ayurvedic orthopedic doctors and the therapeutic measures are opted to prevent the disease from hitting you and our approach to healing first takes into account the unique circumstances of the individual seeking relief.
The treatment depends upon an individual’s basic energy and body type and the external environment in which they live. Ayurveda identifies three basic energetic forces, called doshas, or body humors, that underlie all bodily processes. The relative balance of energy of these three doshas is a determining factor in the overall health of an individual and in his susceptibility to illness and degenerative disease.
Living with arthritis is very agonizing; hence it cannot be ignored and if diagnosed with it, one should immediately start taking effective treatments as early as possible.
Dr. Farida khanum

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