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Since time immemorial, humanity has been concerned with developing and preserving youthful vigour, and extending longevity by stopping or delaying the aging process. Aging is the accumulation of changes in a person over time.

Old age brings many problems such as changes in the metabolism, sleep relative problems, memory loss, muscle wasting, osteoporosis.
Health is most important as it directly impinges on quality of life in an old person. Our geriatric package SUJEEVA focus on what it takes to reach your individual maximum life expectancy and assuring it with optimal quality of life to ease your old age.


  • Flushes out the toxins in the body and helps in the proper functioning of body,mind and soul
  • Invoke a sense of well being
  • Destress and Re-energise from inside out
  • Induce sound sleep and refreshes the mind

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