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Udara Vestana


Udaraveshtana is an Ayurvedic procedure which is widely practiced as a care given in post pregnancy period.

The term udaraveshtana comprise of two different words, udara (abdomen) and veshtana (wrapping a cloth) which means wrapping a cloth in a uniform manner tightly in order to regain the strength and structure of the abdomen after delivery.

Udara vestana is done in females after delivery so that the lax abdominal muscles regain their tone to the pre- pregnant state. It also helps in bringing back the uterus back to its normal place as it was before pregnancy.

It is usually carried out 4-6 days after a normal vaginal delivery and 7-10 days after caesarean section.


  • Tummy fat reduction
  • Posture enhancement
  • Tummy muscle toning
  • A fast method to achieve flat tummy
  • Internal organs support
  • Back support and back pain reduction
  • Better comfort for movement after delivery


Due to the pressure exerted on the abdomen by doing udaraveshtana, it holds the loose skin and abdominal muscles firm by which the contraction of rectus abdominal muscle occurs that helps to shrink back the uterus to its normal position. Herby helps to regain the normal shape, structure and rigidity of the abdominal muscles.


  • It is done in post pregnancy care
  • Diastasis rection


  • Uterine bleeding
  • abdominal rashes or itching
  • Unhealed wounds of C section.

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